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About Consumers Mutual


  • ​Consumers Mutual is a nonprofit, consumer-governed health insurer. We offer affordable, member-friendly PPO plans for individuals, families, and small businesses throughout Michigan. Think locally owned credit union versus large national bank.
  • Consumers Mutual is a new kind of insurer-- a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (or CO-OP) established under federal law. Our profits go directly back to our members in the form of lower out-of-pocket costs, expanded benefits, quality improvement programs, and minimal annual increases in premiums.
  • Consumers Mutual is designed to increase competition and lower prices in markets dominated by one or just a few insurance companies. We're focused on answering the needs of individuals, families and small employers. We're especially pleased to welcome independent workers and small businesses who were previously shut out of the health insurance market.​

Member Benefits

Consumers Mutual offers an array of health plans that include coverage of health care services such as preventive care, diagnostic tests, doctor visits, emergency treatment and hospitalization. So, it's easy to choose the combination of premium and deductible that best meets the needs of your family or business.

Our network of doctors and other health professionals extends throughout Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. If you or a family member needs highly specialized care your provider can request that you see a provider who is not in our network when that's the best option. If you need emergency medical care or urgent care services they are covered anytime, even when you are traveling outside Consumers Mutual's service area.

We Believe

Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan is a member-owned health insurance provider that is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective health care. Consumers Mutual works with providers to deliver health care and resources based on the latest evidence in the medical community. As a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP), we believe our members have the right to: read more