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Consumers Mutual Insurance makes it easy for you to find a doctor or hospital, no matter where you live, work or play. We have a large network of physicians throughout the state of Michigan and the United States.  If you need additional assistance call 1-855-492-9020 or click here Provider Search Instructions.pdf for help on using this tool. Some providers on this website are in the credentialing process.


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Primary Care Provider<br/>(MD, DO, NP, PA) Primary Care Provider (MD, DO, NP, PA)
Pediatrician Pediatrician
Behavioral/Mental Health and Substance Abuse Behavioral/Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Eye Doctor Eye Doctor
Specialty Care Providers Specialty Care Providers

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Urgent Care Urgent Care
XRay and Radiology Center X-Ray and Radiology Center
Labs Labs
Mental Health and Substance Abuses Behavioral/Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers
Physical Occupational and Speech Therapy Physical Therapies
(PT, ST, OT, Chiropractor)
Clinic Primary Care Federally Qualified Health Centers and Health Department Clinic
(Primary Care, FQHC, Health Department)
Pharmacy Pharmacy
Medical Supplies and Equipment Medical Supplies/Durable Medical Equipment
(DME, Orthotics/Prosthetics)
Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Center
Hospice Home Health Home Health/Home Infusion and Hospice
All Specialty Centers Specialty Centers
(Outpatient/Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Sleep Centers, Endoscopy Centers, etc.)
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